How To Catch Lake Trout (Mackinaw), Tips and Baits

Oregon is one of the best places for fishing. Also known as Mackinaw, fishing for lake trout is a challenging species that you want to catch. Lake trout is a freshwater fish that is mainly found in the northern part of North America. It is also known as mackinaw, touladi, grey trout and lake char. Lake trout is regarded as a highly prized food fish and game fish. And if you want to catch lake trout, you need get certain information that will help you succeed in your fishing adventure.

Best Fishing Spots

To catch a lake trout that weighs 20 pounds, you need to know where to find the best fishing spots. Based on state records, the biggest lake trout was caught in the 1980s at Odell Lake. So, if you are looking for the best lake trouts, Odell Lake is one of the best fishing spots to try. Other places where you can catch lake trout include Crescent Lake, Cultus Lake, Wallowa Lake and Fourmile Lake.

lake-trout-fishingWhen to Catch Lake Trout

To successfully catch a lake trout, timing is also important. If you are going out to fish during summer time, it is best to go fishing in the morning 10:30 AM or earlier. This type of fish prefers calm water and high pressure under a clear sky.  In spring season, you can find trout in other time of the day.


After ice out – You can find trout between 10 ft. and the surface

Mid-spring – 20 to 30 ft. deep

Late spring 30 to 45 ft. deep

Summer – Trouts can go really deep.

Fishing Tips and Techniques

Knowing when and where to catch lake trout is not enough, here are some useful fishing tips and techniques to follow:

  • Know that depth is important. Trouts like being in cold water and they can get really deep.
  • Choose the best lure. To catch a trout, you need to find the best lure. Some of the best lures that you can use for trout fishing include: William Wablers, Sutton Silver Spoon, Nasty Boyz, Mepps Cyclops, Blue Fox Spinners, Floating Thundersticks and Vibrex Spinners.

Apart from these lures, there are still other lures that you might want to use. During sunny days, you can use silver combinations and on dull days, you might want to use brass color combination.

  • When using a live bait, the best one to have is the night crawler. This might be an old fashioned bait but it is very effective. In addition to night crawlers, salmon eggs and large minnows are also considered to be good baits.

Have a reliable fish finder. It is a costly equipment but it can definitely increase your chances of finding the trout in the lake.